Acadian Maple - Organic Maple Sugar 260g
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  • Acadian Maple - Organic Maple Sugar 260g
Acadian Maple - Organic Maple Sugar 260g
Acadian Maple - Organic Maple Sugar 260g
Organic Maple Sugar 260g
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Acadian Maple Products is a family owned and operated business located in Upper Tantallon. Involved in the maple industry in Nova Scotia for over 30 years, Acadian Maple is the largest purchaser and processor of Nova Scotia produced maple syrup. Exporting to markets worldwide, and constantly developing new products, Acadian Maple continues to grow. An agri-tourism center in the Upper Tantallon location along with a retail shop sees in excess of 30,000 visitors a year.Pure maple syrup is 66% sugar and 34% water. Once the remaining water is removed from maple syrup you are left with just pure maple sugar. Acadian Maple maple sugar is made using a highly innovative technological process which dehydrates the pure maple sugar and delivers delicious and crunchy pure maple sugar.

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