Artisan Grains - Nut Roast - Country Veg & Cashew
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Artisan Grains - Nut Roast - Country Veg & Cashew
Artisan Grains - Nut Roast - Country Veg & Cashew
Nut Roast - Country Veg & Cashew
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Artisan Grains - Country Veg' & Cashew Nut Roast - 200g: Artisan Grains believe that natural foods form the basis of healthy living. Natural grains, seeds and pulses are not only versatile but can be amazingly nutritious and delicious. Yet still not enough people get to enjoy these wonderful staples because of uninspiring grains fixtures and poor on-pack communication. Artisan Grains aims to change this by reinvigorating the grains fixture with bright, attractive packaging, better on-pack communication and education thereby making the grains appealing to new and existing consumers alike! Finally - tasty Nut Roasts that are so easy to make by simply adding water and baking in the recyclable oven tray provided! Artisan Grains Nut Roasts are packed with nuts and make an amazing meat-free, vegetarian & vegan loaf which can be enjoyed by all - be it for lunch, dinner or as a savoury snack - offering a great and healthier protein alternative for today's increasingly health conscious consumers.

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