Yogi Tea - Bedtime Tea 17 Bag
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Yogi Tea - Bedtime Tea 17 Bag
Yogi Tea - Bedtime Tea 17 Bag
Bedtime Tea 17 Bag
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Herbal remedies are seen as the most effective and safest way to protect body from various ailments and to boost its natural immunity system. Herbal tea made from special herbs and botanicals are one of the most sought after products, used to treat common cold and insomnia and stress related disorders. Medical experts suggest that drinking a cup of herbal tea before bed calms the body and promotes sleep at night.

Soothing Bedtime Tea

The Yogi Tea Bedtime Tea 17 Bag is a rich blend of selected herbs and spice mixed in perfect proportions to give you a revitalizing drink that offers a soothing relief to your body. It contains Chamomile, nutmeg, lavender, and valerian root- traditional herbs that are known to relieve stress and fatigue and help wind down after a hectic day. A hot cup of the Yogi Tea Bedtime Tea is the perfect way to relax your body for a comfortable night’s sleep. The selected herbs present in the nutritious bed time tea act as natural tranquilizers and promote sleep. Rejuvenate your body and relax your muscles with a cup of tasty and healthy Yogi Tea Bedtime Tea. This packet contains 17 bags of the herbal bed time tea.

Why Yogi Tea Bedtime Tea is better than other sleep aids?

Get a 100% natural and organic remedy for your sleep disorders with the Yogi Tea Bedtime Tea. A nutritious herbal preparation, the Yogi Tea Bedtime Tea is totally free of egg, gelatin or any other animal products and is perfectly suits a vegetarians and vegan diet. '

fennel*, chamomile*, peppermint*, cardamom*, lemon balm*, lemon grass*, valerian root*, sage*, lavender flowers*, nutmeg

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