Creative Nature - Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt 300g
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  • Creative Nature - Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt 300g
Creative Nature - Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt 300g
Creative Nature - Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt 300g
Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt 300g
Product Code: T1L-79360

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Creative Nature-Salt (Himalayan Crystal) (300g)What am I? Himalayan Crystal Salt originates from the primal seas of millions of years ago, where life began. It has been dried by the sun at a time where pollution did not exist. Despite what we have been led to believe, salt is equally as important to the human body as water. Obviously, we are not talking about refined table salt which is nothing more than a white poison. What’s in me? Himalayan Crystal Salt is totally pure and contains every mineral and trace element found in the human body. What can I be used for? As long as you’re drinking enough water, salt is absolutely essential for the body to generate hydroelectric energy, maintain good blood chemistry, and balance the correct amount of water in our blood and cells. Crystal salt helps to restore and balance the body’s energy and rebalance acid-alkaline levels. How can I be used? Crystal salts are extremely versatile and can be used to flush the sinuses. As an eye bath to restore moisture to dry eyes. As a cleansing bath that has a detoxifying effect. For beauty masks and wraps. As a “sole solution” (so-lay): To make a sole solution simply add a desert spoon of crystals into a glass jar then fill with water. Put the lid on and leave for 24hrs for the crystals to dissolve. Once dissolved add some more, up until such time that the crystals stop dissolving. At this point the solution is saturated at 26% and ready for consumption. Take 1 teaspoon every morning in a glass of water before breakfast. Just one glass of sole a day brings amazing benefits and has positive effects on health. If you are exercising and sweating a lot, it is vital that you replace your mineral levels as well as water levels to avoid sodium depletion. Using Himalayan Rock Salt in a weak solution with water is the most natural and effective way of re-hydrating your body. About a quarter of a teaspoon of salt for every litre of water is a good balance.

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