Yogi Tea - Detox with Lemon Tea 17 Bag
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  • Yogi Tea - Detox with Lemon Tea 17 Bag
Yogi Tea - Detox with Lemon Tea 17 Bag
Yogi Tea - Detox with Lemon Tea 17 Bag
Detox with Lemon Tea 17 Bag
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Increasing penetration of processed foods in our eating selection has resulted in an unwanted residue of chemicals that impair the functioning of many organ, lowering our overall physical and mental wellness. Keep your internal system clean and free from unwanted infections just like your surroundings with the Detox with Lemon Tea prepared by the Yogi tea. Made from the fine blend of mildly bitter dandelion with sweet liquorice and spicy ginger, this tea is sure to keep you renewed and refreshed all day long. The included in the ingredients add deliciously tangy taste to the tea making it different from the regular herbal teas.

Easy Detoxification with Herbal Tea

Supplementing your body with such specially formulated teas is one of the most effective methods for detoxifying your body. You don’t need to undergo medical treatments to get rid of this toxic build-up. Just sip this herbal tea and within days, discover a lighter, healthier feeling. This tea is rich in antioxidants—intentionally formulated to ensure you can fight away ageing and immunity-dampening free radicals. Regular use of this herbal tea works like using a liver supplement that tones digestive organs and boosts circulation levels.

Detox with Lemon Tea – a Tastier Way to be Healthy

This 100% organic herbal tea is an apt pick for people of all ages and is perfectly suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Not just detoxification, you also get a healthy and tasty beverage that you can carry wherever you travel and prepare in a jiffy—perhaps, the tastiest, easiest way to keep your body system sanitized at all times.

lemon grass*, dandelion*, ginger*, cinnamon*, liquorice*, lemon myrtle*, lemon peel*, peppermint*

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