Enhance Your Digestive Enzymes With Natural Digestive Aids

Digestive Health Aids

Sticking to a healthy Vegetarian diet is one thing, making sure your digestive system is working to the best efficiency is something else. To assist with this process, we supply a variety of natural supplements for digestion here at Vitavega, designed to nurture health and wellbeing.

Our product range includes Health Plus digestive supplements in tablet form, they’re easy to swallow, made to an exacting specification from key ingredients, and help you digest natural nutrients the body needs for efficient digestion.

We also stock Superfood Fibre Boost, a tasty blend of oat bran, whole and powdered psyllium husk with rice protein powder, designed to keep you on the move.

Natures Aid Digesteeze is a traditional herbal product, perfect to use on occasions where you might have eaten too much food.

All of our digestive aids are 100% vegan, 100% vegetarian and you’ll notice we have plenty of choice.

Shop now for specialist supplements and support your digestive system, simply browse each product in the category below, or for more information, all you have to do is contact us.

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