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Life Plan - Digestive Enzyme 120 VTabs
Life Plan - Digestive Enzyme 120 VTabs
Digestive Enzyme 120 VTabs
Product Code: LFPN-01

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Life Plan Digestive Enzymes contains plant derived enzymes. Enzymes are used in the body to make our food easier to absorb. This product may be especially chosen by people who eat on the run, who have hectic lifestyles, or who wish to complement their own digestive function.

Why use Digestive Enzyme 120 VTabs?

  • Digestive Enzyme 120 VTabs supplement is derived from plants such as papaya, pineapple, and Aspergillus fungi.
  • Enzymes are specialized proteins that accelerate chemical reactions that otherwise would not occur under conditions to sustain life. Digestive enzymes, however, are active orally as they do not need to enter a specific cell to perform their function.
  • These enzymes include proteases/peptidases (break down proteins/peptides), carbohydrates (break down carbohydrates), and lipases (break down triglyceride fats).
  • Studies have determined that these enzymes, taken orally, produce no toxicity or adverse side effects, even when taken in extremely large doses.

Digestive Enzyme 120 VTabs for Better Digestion

Even if you eat good food every day, if you don't digest it properly, undigested food can actually seep from the small intestine into the bloodstream, and the immune system reacts. Digestive Enzyme 120 VTabs is a 100% herbal non-chemical formulation that makes your life easier by providing maintained and effective digestion. This formula does not contain any chemical or animal extracts, making it perfect for vegans, vegetarians and those who pursue organic lifestyle.

Each tablet typically provides BetaineHCl 250mg Amylase powder 100mg Papain 15mg Lipase 10mg All plant derived enzymes

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