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E-Cloth - Classic Mop
E-Cloth - Classic Mop
Classic Mop
Product Code: T1L-79438

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Product descriptione-cloth Classic Mop is a traditional style floor cleaning mop for the modern day. It is ideal for all floors including un-even floors. It is incredibly absorbent with over 65 million metres of tassles which allows it to hold 12x it's weight in water. The Classic Mop has a telescopic handle (extending from 1m to 1.5m) which allows for even greater for flexibility. The head is machine washable and is guaranteed for 150 washes. Cleaning with just water is much quicker than slow old chemical cleaning.;Cleaning with water can save you money - no chemicals to buy and the cloths last for ages.;Cleaning with water is better for you and your family - no exposure to harmful chemicals.;Better for the environment - no chemicals to rinse away into rivers and streams.

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