Heath & Heather - Ginger & Lemon Herbal Tea 20 Bag
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  • Heath & Heather - Ginger & Lemon Herbal Tea 20 Bag
Heath & Heather - Ginger & Lemon Herbal Tea 20 Bag
Heath & Heather - Ginger & Lemon Herbal Tea 20 Bag
Ginger & Lemon Herbal Tea 20 Bag
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There is a better way to keep away common ailments than popping non-prescription pills that come laced with chemicals that slowly toxify our bodies. The herbal approach uses ingredients sourced from Mother Nature, such as lemon and ginger. We pursue this approach to bring you wellness products that come with the promise of 100% natural formulation. Our Ginger Lemon Herbal Tea is the prime example of how we can bring substantial change to your everyday living via the natural route.

Just a Cup of Herbal Goodness

Give your immune system a much deserved boost while reliving all your stress with the Ginger & Lemon Herbal Tea by Heath & Heather. Available in the pack of 20 bags, it is power packed with amazing health and body care benefits. This tea is expertly made from the blend of spicy ginger and tangy lemon and the antioxidant rich infusion included in the creation are intended to promote your overall well-being.

Instant and Long-term Benefits of Herbal Tea:

  • Brings instant relief from vomiting, nausea and indigestion that may occur because of body disorder
  • Lowers the effects of diabetes by controlling the production and secretion of insulin
  • One-stop-drink towards perfectly smooth and flawless skin and great hair while overcoming related problems, if any
  • Apt drink for weight loss as it absorbs fats and prevents its accumulation in the body

Herbal Benefits of Lemon and Ginger

Lemon and ginger individually are full of nutrients that contribute towards your health. Lemon extracts are an excellent source of Vitamin C that helps to healing wounds faster and preserve strength of bones. Regular consumption of this tea can help to prevent the onset of cancer while ginger also works as an anti-oxidant that reduces inflammation and symptoms of arthritis.

Ginger (40%), Apple Pomace, Blackberry Leaves, Citric Acid, Lemon Flavour (5%), Lemongrass (1%), Lemon Peel (1%), Linden Flowers, Roasted Chicory Root.

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