Heath & Heather - Camomile Herbal Tea
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Heath & Heather - Camomile Herbal Tea
Heath & Heather - Camomile Herbal Tea
Heath & Heather - Camomile Herbal Tea
Product Code: HEAH-02-03

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Benefits of herbal tea in improving and refreshing the mind and body have long been known and explored. A hot cup of soothing herbal tea prepared out of natural herbs and tree root can relieve your body from common ailments and boost your overall immunity. Designed to rejuvenate your body, the Camomile Herbal Tea 20 Bag is naturally caffeine free herbal drink prepared from the select variety of fresh Camomile flowers. Drinking this caffeine free formulations, not only cuts down the level of caffeine intake but the herbs present in them are a rich source of vital nutrients too!

Capturing Healing Powers of Camomile in Tea Bags

The Camomile Herbal Tea 20 Bag is made from the organically grown Camomile flowers. Camomile helps in soothing an upset stomach and improves natural digestion. In fact, Camomile is known to comfort the brain and help you relax and unwind. Studies suggest that switching from coffee to Camomile Herbal Tea can greatly enhance your overall health and help those suffering from insomnia.

Buy 100% Organic and Natural Herbal Products

At Vitavega, we focus on providing 100% original healthcare products that have been formulated to enhance your immunity and boost your overall health. We have a comprehensive collection of natural supplements that can be consumed along with prescription medicines.

Organically Grown Camomile (100%).

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