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Herbal Teas

Modern living takes a toll on your mind, body and general wellbeing, so why not relax with a cup of herbal detox tea? At Vitavega we have an extensive range of speciality teas including herbal slimming tea, carefully selected to assist a healthy lifestyle and support a balanced diet.

Our herbal teas for sleep are just the tonic to help you unwind, have a cup before bedtime and you’ll soon be in the land of nod. Ginger lemon tea warms the heart, whilst our peppermint herbal tea is calming and soothing to the digestive system, try a cup after every vegetarian meal and you’ll soon notice the difference. 

All of the teas we stock are caffeine-free and they are full of natural goodness. Whether you prefer the taste of apple and cinnamon tea, fancy a refreshing cup of camomile, or simply want something to ease your stomach, our 100% organic, vegetarian and vegan teas are comforting and very easy to order.

You can buy now by clicking Add to Basket, should you require further advice, or need any additional information about any of the quality teas we supply, just contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.   

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