Itsu - Miso Soup - Vegetarian
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Itsu - Miso Soup - Vegetarian
Itsu - Miso Soup - Vegetarian
Miso Soup - Vegetarian
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Itsu Miso Soup Pouch Vegetarian - 75g: Itsu Miso Soup Pouch Vegetarian. Miso soup, famously healthy & light, is the staple of Japanese cuisine. itsu instant miso soup is made with soya, seaweed and a touch of soy sauce. itsu miso soup comes as a paste which gives a much fuller flavour and texture than powdered miso. It\'s free from MSG, colourings and artificial flavourings. Ingredients: Soya paste (soya, Water, Salt, Rice, Alcohol, Roasted barley flour), Water, Alcohol, Seaweed, Yeast extract powder, Sugar, Seasoned kelp extract (Kelp extract, Salt, Dextrin), Soy sauce (Water, Soya, Wheat, Salt), Salt.

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