Benefits of Adequate Vitamin D – How to Cover Deficiencies

Vitamin D

Results of the newest research conducted by Professor Adrian Martineau and his team have been published in the British Medical Journal. According to their findings adequate amounts of Vitamin D can help prevent the risk […]

8 Superfoods that help remove heavy metals from the body

8 Superfoods (1)

The British Medical Bulletin reports that humans have been dealing with metal contamination for thousands of years. In fact, exposure to toxic metal waste has risen significantly in the past couple of centuries. While developed […]

5 Benefits Of Maca

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Top 5 benefits of Maca

How Matcha Tea Helps You Lose Weight

Matcha Green tea

If you’re trying to lose weight and have tried everything such as weight loss supplements, workouts and diets but not seen results, you may feel defeated. You should take notice as there’s some good news […]

Heard about the facial scrubs containing plastic microbeads?


Yes, that’s right there are some facial scrubs that do and they are currently contributing to the pollution of the environment. Why not turn to an organic facial instead? No chemicals and preservatives and you […]

Benefits of Natural Toothpaste

Natural Toothpastes

It is easy to see why you may be cynical when it comes to the use of natural toothpaste with the worries that it may not clean your teeth as well as regular toothpastes. Well […]

Types of Whey Protein

Types of Whey Protein
3 Main Types of Whey Protein

Why Should You Seriously Contemplate a Vegan Lifestyle?


The cacophony of opinions about adopting vegan lifestyle is getting louder and there is more than anticipated hype about lifestyle choices. From dietary fads that float for a few months before withering away to organic […]

Being Vegan on a Budget is Possible, We Show You How


Once misconception about Veganism that refuses to go away is that vegan lifestyle is too expensive. The truth couldn’t be more shocking. People are living this myth because they relate the term ‘vegan’ or a […]

Reality Check for Those Contemplating Veganism: the transition is not what they tell you about it!!


From celebrities to your best friends at work or gym partners, it is highly probable that you will get an “expert” opinion about veganism being very demanding, borderline impractical, meant only for the rich. To […]