Making Sense of How Smoothies Fit into Contemporary Lifestyles

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  People are feeding on synthetic and unnatural food items more than ever. Modern lifestyle is deficient in nutrients. Generally, people tend to think that the supplement selling companies promote the theory of need for […]

You might have heard about Superfoods…what about super-fibres like Konjac?


New Year comes with a new set of food trends. The big jingle for 2016 is ‘Clean Super Foods’. Superfoods are nutritive dynamos that help in building bones, improve your eyesight, inhibit chronic diseases, and […]

Introspecting Veganism in 2015: Breaking through Common Perceptions


Finding it difficult to keep up with everyday nutrition requirements and cope with fast pacing lifestyle? Turn vegan! Veganism is the emerging concept that has spread all across the globe in a very short span […]

Hemp – the Natural Way to Get Your Daily Fix of Protein


The niche of healthcare and medicine is witnessing an unprecedented demand for everything labelled as “natural” and “protein”. There is an overwhelming demand for protein supplements, ranging from powders to bars, cookies and ready-to-consume drinks. […]

Stop the Clock with These 6 Anti-Ageing Fruits


If you’re upset with your gloomy parched skin, and wrinkles, you’re not alone. Nowadays, being workaholics, people tend to have irregular meals and usually their food choices are composed of high fat and sugar.  The […]

Your Guide to Vegan Skincare: Myths & Beliefs


The world of beauty and cosmetic is buzzing with a new word these days—‘Raw’. From dermatologists to fashionistas, everyone is vouching for ‘raw’, ‘vegan’ or ‘food-grade’ skin-care products owing to their plentiful benefits that these […]

Vegan Reality Check: 10 Things You Didn’t Know Vegans Cannot Eat


Once earmarked for compliant hippies, veganism has now come a long way. People’s concern towards an entirely animal-free diet regimen is increasing and vegan diets are trending. Vegans do not consume any food or products […]

Decoding Superfoods – Things You Must Know


Superfood! You hear this catchphrase every now and then. You might have heard about the uncountable nutritive benefits of superfoods. Most of you have a misconception about superfoods being health redeemers that profoundly accelerate your […]