5 Weight Loss Trends You Might Not Know About

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2015 observed numerous diet trends that grabbed the eyeballs and were followed by millions all across the globe. Along with the healthy dietary choices, there were some weight loss trends that made an impact and […]

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5 Weight Loss Trends from 2015 You Probably Don’t Know About

11 Aug 2012, Mulhouse, France --- Reportage in the Obesity Clinic (IPCO) in Mulhouse, France. Physical exercise session with a masseur-physiotherapist. Patients must attend these sessions before and after surgery for obesity. The aim is to get the patient used to doing regular physical exercise again. --- Image by © Amelie-Benoist/BSIP/Corbis

Every day, we come across numerous articles and advertisement pop-ups suggesting us tips to lose weight. In fact, all of us know the basics for managing weight like eating healthy, staying active and burning more […]

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