8 Superfoods that help remove heavy metals from the body

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The British Medical Bulletin reports that humans have been dealing with metal contamination for thousands of years. In fact, exposure to toxic metal waste has risen significantly in the past couple of centuries. While developed countries have been taking steps to lower emissions and control the toxic effects of the waste, large populations in developing countries continue to face exposure. Products like vaccines, water, dental fillings, foods, cosmetics, and vaccines that we consume or use all contain heavy metals. Not only can these metals cause severe illnesses, but they can also accumulate in the body. Long-term buildups, if not eliminated, can lead to damage to the internal organs and compromise the immune system.

Effects of Heavy Metal Exposure
The medical community reports that effects from heavy metal exposure can be of two types:
● Acute toxicity that occurs from exposure to high proportions of metals in the body
● Chronic toxicity that occurs over time due to regular exposure to low levels of metals

Heavy metals act like neurotoxins and can cause disorders of the brain and neurological systems. Some such disorders include Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and many more. And, the toxic metals that cause these illnesses include nickel, lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and aluminum. Studies were conducted by the Environmental Working Group in 2004 on the blood samples taken from newborn infants. Results showed that the blood contained 287 toxins on an average including pesticides, fire retardants, mercury, and the chemicals contained in the coating on non-stick cookware.

Steps You can Take to Protect Yourself
The world is well aware of the dangers of toxic metals with many organisations working to raise awareness. However, there are many large corporate and commercial institutions like the American Chemistry Council that are working to oppose the steps and proposals being presented to ban toxic metals and other agents. For the simple reason that such bans could eat into their profits. On your part, you can do your best to cut back your exposure to the toxins released by heavy metals. Here’s what you can do:

● Choose cookware made from enamel, titanium, carbon, steel, cast iron, and glass. That’s because aluminum and non-stick utensils have toxic chemicals while using stainless steel raises the risk of exposure to cancer causing nickel.
● Check the labels of cosmetics and avoid those that contain aluminum in any form. Deodorants also have aluminum while mineral powders and talcs have bismuth in them.
● Confirm that the injectable vaccines you take have no mercury or aluminum.
● Have your dentist remove dental amalgam fillings and avoid them for the future.
● In addition to lung cancer and 4,000 other cancer causing agents, cigarettes expose you to cadmium.
● If you’re allergic to metals, make sure to avoid costume jewelry.
● Eat unprocessed, natural, and organic foods. Look for food products that are seasonal and grown on farms close by. At least a third of your meals should contain raw foods.
● Avoid unpasteurized dairy products, added refined sugar, and fermented foods. Cook your food in healthy fats.

Removing the Heavy Metal Toxins from Your Body while protecting yourself from further exposure to toxic metals is a good thing, you must also take steps to detox your body and remove the accumulated toxins. Here’s what you can do:
● Consider getting chelation therapy. This treatment involves injecting synthetic chelating agents into the blood. These agents bond with the heavy metals and pass them naturally out of the body. However, getting such treatments is costly and takes time.
● Include natural foods in your diet that can help your body get rid of the heavy metals.

8 Natural Foods that Can Help You Detoxify
Here is a list of eight super foods that use electric energy to bond with the toxic metals and eliminate them from the body naturally.

1. Chlorella

Organic Chlorella Powder and Tablets
Organic Chlorella Powder and Tablets

Chlorella is a kind of green algae can remove toxins like mercury. This metal is typically found in fish from contaminated water, vaccines, dental fillings, and certain kinds of kitchenware that may have mercury in them. Chlorella is also effective in treating degenerative diseases. It has tough cell walls that allow it to bind with the toxins in the body and eliminate them naturally. Some people may find that this alga is a bit difficult to digest but if you can consume it regularly, you’ll find that it can prevent heavy metals from accumulating in the organs and soft tissues of the body.

2. Milk Thistle
The milk thistle is an edible herb found in the wild. It is an excellent detoxifying agent because of the MilkThistlesupport it gives the liver. Your liver is responsible for the elimination of toxins and the herb helps in this function. Milk thistle contains an active ingredient, silymarin that strengthens the liver cell walls and
helps in its regeneration. It supports the liver against the depletion of glutathione in addition to raising its levels.

3. Cilantro
Also called coriander, cilantro is an herb that is used as a dressing for salads and dishes. You can also make a soup with it or extract juice. While cilantro is well known for its medicinal properties, it can also remove toxins from the body. When given to animals, it can lower the absorption of lead and prevent the effect of lead on the functioning of the delta-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase (ALAD) enzyme in humans. Consuming cilantro has been known to help in the elimination of mercury after removing dental amalgams.

4. Garlic
Garlic is an important addition in many cuisines across the world because of the strong flavor and taste it can impart to dishes. In the year 1960, a Belgian scientist found that garlic is able to detoxify the body from the effects of chronic lead poisoning and mercury, and restore good health. Garlic also contains sulfur that is an important agent for combating mercury poisoning.

5. Atlantic Dulse
The Atlantic Dulse is a kind of seaweed that has the special property of being able to eliminate metals like lead, mercury copper, and aluminum from the body by binding with them. Despite being found in the sea, it does not release any of the mercury it might carry. It attaches to the metals and passes them naturally out of the colon. In addition, the seaweed contains nutrients like Omega 3s and 6s, iodine, and B vitamins.

6. Aloe Vera Leaf Juice
The juice or gel of the aloe vera plant is highly effective in helping you detox and remove heavy metals. aloe-vera-juiceIt helps with bowel movements to eliminate toxins. Harvest a four-inch piece of the aloe vera leaf and remove the spikes and green outer skin. Use the gel to create a smoothie or add to other fruit juices. You can also consume it whole.

7. Spirulina
Blue-green in color, spirulina is an alga that is an excellent chelating agent and can remove radioactive substances and metals like mercury from the body. You can also use it remove lead and cadmium from wastewater. In addition, spirulina has many health benefits that were recognized by the Aztecs in the 16th century who used it as food. It carries 8 essential amino acids and can strengthen the immune system. In addition to helping protect you from cancer, it can also lower hypertension and cholesterol levels. People suffering from allergies can use it to prevent symptoms like sneezing and sniffling.

8. Ginger
In addition to being an amazing detoxing agent, ginger has several health benefits that have been ginger_rotatorrecognized for thousands of years. With its high content of shoga and gingerol, ginger works to prevent inflammation and spasms in the gastrointestinal system. It can also prevent ulcers and acts as an antioxidant. Many doctors recommend using ginger in detox diets and other cleansing approaches. While consuming the herb is the best way to use it, you can also have a detox bath after adding Epsom salts. It removes heavy metals, salts, and toxic materials by way of a process called reverse osmosis. And, it replaces the sulfates and magnesium in the body.

Most people all over the world are dealing with the ill-effects of heavy metal poisoning without being aware of it. Search out reports on the internet and you will find them talking about the levels of lead in the water supply along with the presence of other harmful metals. To protect yourself and your family from the many possible illnesses, add these superfoods to your diet that can help remove the heavy metals and ensure good health and wellness.