Benefits of Natural Toothpaste

Natural Toothpastes

It is easy to see why you may be cynical when it comes to the use of natural toothpaste with the worries that it may not clean your teeth as well as regular toothpastes. Well worry not as it has been proven and tested, that many natural toothpastes can in fact provide you with all cleaning benefits that you would expect off toothpaste. The main part where a lot of the true cleaning of your teeth happens actually comes from the physical act of brushing. The toothbrush may remove food remnants and leftover particles from your teeth even you were brushing with water only.

What you truly require toothpaste for is to get rid of bacteria. The bacteria in your mouth can produce gingivitis and halitosis (the cause for bad breath), so you really should be using toothpaste that does a thorough job of stopping and removing this bacteria.

The most common toothpastes can be quick and easy to get as they can found be at almost all stores selling regular toiletry products. You might be dubious as to why anyone would be interested enough to seek alternatives to the benefits of regular toothpaste. There may be numerous reasons as to why you may need to know the benefits of natural toothpaste and most of these have a lot to do with what is in your daily toothpaste as opposed to what is in a natural one.

Regular toothpaste can be found to be filled with a whole host of ingredients that can be harmful to us, especially in large doses. These can include:

Fluoride – known to fight against cavities but the truth is that it can also cause a lot of problems. In high doses fluoride is toxic and over exposure can cause mottled teeth. A Harvard study has shown fluoride to be linked to learning disabilities in high doses. If you live in an area which fluoridates the water supply then the amount of fluoride in that is more than enough even for the average child. It’s unnecessary for adults to have fluoride in their toothpastes.

SLS – Sodium laurel Sulfate a detergent that you often find in many shampoos is utilised in usual toothpastes to make it to foam. It can be a skin irritant for a lot of people and might make mouth ulcers/ canker sores to anyone already prone to them.

Saccharin – A key ingredient used to sweeten many toothpastes and mouthwashes. Proven tests in labs have shown it to be a cause of kidney cancer and is rarely used in in foods today because of this.

The benefits of natural toothpaste are derived from using natural ingredients such as mint and other herbs which are natural breath fresheners. Unlike regular toothpastes natural toothpastes are not made to function like soap for the teeth. As mentioned earlier it is the physical act of brushing where most of the cleaning of your teeth comes from, anyway. Therefore all you actually require is a product which eliminates the bacteria in the mouth naturally.

Natural toothpastes are a healthier alternative to the usual chemical filled toothpastes and reduces the quantity of chemicals you endanger yourself and your family to as well as preventing the weakening of your oral health. Vitavega offers a great range of natural toothpastes from brands such as Green people, Himalaya, and Kingfisher.