Heard about the facial scrubs containing plastic microbeads?


Yes, that’s right there are some facial scrubs that do and they are currently contributing to the pollution of the environment. Why not turn to an organic facial instead? No chemicals and preservatives and you are saving the environment!

Many have turned to herbal alternatives as there is less side effects and contradictions than the over counter conventional medicines and remedies, and many medical doctors have proposed that herbal remedies can in fact compliment conventional treatments. Using organic facials can have many benefits such as revitalising and rejuvenating your skin in comparison to non-organic facials which contain chemicals which slowly kill your skin cells.

Organic facials are perfect for all skin types – perfect if you have sensitive skin, it is so hard these days to find the right product but with organic facials you don’t need to worry! You can be sure with using organic facials that there are no side effects as there is natural ingredients such as herbs, fruits and vegetables contained. However, when you use non-organic facials this is not the case, symptoms such as rashes can occur. As we age our skin and body goes through changes, in order to help renew the adult skin herbal scrubs are a great alternative. They help remove dead skin cells and add brightness to the skin. Some of the best natural exfoliants that have been suggested by individuals who use natural sources are; baking soda, sugar, sea salt, oatmeal, kefir and honey.

There are many organic facials we offer with a range of different benefits, find the right one for you by browsing through our wide range of facial care products! Make a difference to your skin today and be part of helping the environment we live in today.