How Matcha Tea Helps You Lose Weight

Matcha Green tea

If you’re trying to lose weight and have tried everything such as weight loss supplements, workouts and diets but not seen results, you may feel defeated. You should take notice as there’s some good news you may not have heard about. Matcha green tea is natural and it’s been proven to help you with your weight loss.

Most people know that green tea can help you lose weight and it offers a lot of health benefits too. You may not be familiar with Matcha green tea which has been used by the Japanese for centuries.

What is Matcha Green Tea?
Matcha green tea is from Japan and it’s been around for thousands of years. This green tea is highly regarded in the Japanese society. In Japanese ceremonies, it’s the chosen tea that’s used in them. It has health benefits such as having an ability to fight fat as well as cancer. A University of Colorado study indicated that Matcha green tea has more than 137 times the antioxidants that regular green tea has.

Buying Matcha Green Tea
When you buy green tea, you need to ensure that the tea is of a high quality. Some Matcha teas, aren’t fit for consumption. Vitavega have a range of quality Matcha Green Tea products that’s 100% organic and comes from high grade tea leaves. You’re going to get all the benefits of Match green tea with every sip of our amazing products.

Why Matcha Green Tea Works for Weight Loss

Match green tea as well as other green teas work for weight loss because they boost the metabolism. Matcha green tea is especially effective at weight loss because it boosts the metabolism by 40% which was indicated by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. When you drink Matcha green tea, it boosts the metabolism by a higher level than regular green tea so you’re able to lose weight at a faster rate.



Using Matcha Green Tea

Matcha tea is different than regular teas because it’s a powder. This tea isn’t steeped; it’s mixed into hot water. To get the most out of your Matcha tea for weight loss you need to ensure that other areas of your life are geared towards weight loss as well. You need good sleep, a proper diet, and you must exercise. If you combine all of this with Matcha green tea, you’ll have success with your weight loss efforts.


Matcha green tea is a tea that will work for your weight loss efforts. The studies speak for themselves and those that drink Matcha green tea enjoy the many benefits that it provides for them.