Oatwell - Original Oat Powder 300g
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  • Oatwell - Original Oat Powder 300g
Oatwell - Original Oat Powder 300g
Oatwell - Original Oat Powder 300g
Original Oat Powder 300g
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The story of Friend Oatwell is directly linked with the life of a very unique person. This person is, of course, none other than the “inventor” of Bircher muesli. Oats is a very important part of this world-famous speciality.Dr. Maximilian Oskar Bircher-Benner was a doctor who, as far back as 1900, paid particular attention to the general health of people. He considered correct nutrition to be more important than pills and potions and thus developed a light, tasty, healthy evening meal.OatWell Original oat bran powder with oat beta-glucan. A perfect powder designed to be added to various foods and drinks for easy consumption.

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