Naturya - Organic Acai Powder 125g
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  • Naturya - Organic Acai Powder 125g
Naturya - Organic Acai Powder 125g
Naturya - Organic Acai Powder 125g
Organic Acai Powder 125g
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We bring to you great tasting Organic Acai Powder available in a convenient 125g pack to supply you with the essential dose of vitamin A, fibre and iron, that these berries are rich in. Acai berries famously known to have high anti-oxidant properties are also a rich source of calcium and monounsaturated fat. While Vitamin A contributes to normal iron metabolism, calcium supports normal blood clotting. Iron is vital for the formation of red blood cells and Hemoglobin while also contributing to normal oxygen transport in the blood. The all-natural Organic Acai Powder 125g can be enjoyed with an ice cream or mixed in a smoothie, to keep you ticking and pumping.

Boost your overall wellness in a tasty way!

Many nutritionists recommend Acai berries for weight loss as these super-fruits are capable of reducing the negative effects of a high-fat diet. From maintaining optimum heart health to ensuring healthy radiant skin, Organic Acai Powder is a perfect supplement for boosting overall health. Apart from being 100% organic and consisting of negligible synthetic ingredients, Organic Acai Powder 125g also tastes delicious. This may be of particular interest for people looking for a 100% vegan composition in their supplements and add-ons.

100% organic acai powder

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