Qi Teas - Organic Digestif Oolong Tea 20 Bag
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  • Qi Teas - Organic Digestif Oolong Tea 20 Bag
Qi Teas - Organic Digestif Oolong Tea 20 Bag
Qi Teas - Organic Digestif Oolong Tea 20 Bag
Organic Digestif Oolong Tea 20 Bag
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Organic Digestif Oolong Tea 20 Bag from Qi Teas is full of digestive and energizing properties. Its ability to alleviate symptoms of common digestion problems, like bloating, gastric troubles and acidity, can be attributed to the unique composition—60% Oolong Tea, Mint Leaf, Star Anise, Liquorice, Fennel and Ginger.

Great Natural Supplements for Body & Brain

Oolong Tea intelligently combines the qualities of black tea and green tea, as its leaves are partially oxidized. Medical studies have proven this tea to be highly useful in treating heart disease, as also in addressing chronic health conditions such as inflammatory disorders and high cholesterol levels. It is also known to improve memory, sharpen thinking skills and keep your mind fit and alert. Regular use can prove rather useful in prevention of cancer, tooth decay, and osteoporosis. Oolong Tea is beneficial for getting a radiant skin too.

Daily Dose of Refreshing Taste with Wholesome Nutrition

Qi Organic Digestif Oolong Tea is great choice to refresh yourself after a hard day’s work, or even after dinner. Its antioxidant properties help you stay ready for all the challenges, without feeling tired. Completely organic and full of natural ingredients like fennel and ginger, these tea bags have wonderful antispasmodic and antibacterial/antimicrobial abilities too.

Oolong tea* 60%, mint leaf*, star anise*, liquorice*, fennel*, ginger*

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