Qi Teas - Organic Green Tea Detox 25 Bag
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  • Qi Teas - Organic Green Tea Detox 25 Bag
Qi Teas - Organic Green Tea Detox 25 Bag
Qi Teas - Organic Green Tea Detox 25 Bag
Organic Green Tea Detox 25 Bag
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Dandelion root and milk thistle seed together form an amazing cleanser, enabling the body to get rid of toxins and revitalize the body. The stresses of fast busy lives, air pollution, excesses in sugars, fats, alcohol or tobacco can all contribute to overworked bodies and loss of Qi energy. A natural cleanser, the Qi Teas - Organic Green Tea Detox as the name suggests detoxifies the body and enables you to restore your energy levels. The health specialists often refer to Dandelion root as incorporating medicinal value apart from acting as a natural cleanser thereby performing a dual role of cleanser and immunity booster.

All-in-One Organic Green Tea for Detoxification

The all in one Qi Teas - Organic Green Tea Detox is a boon for people who have a sedentary lifestyle as well as hectic lifestyle. The Qi Teas - Organic Green Tea Detox provides a special help to your liver and kidney in cleansing your system. The Qi Detox tea has the “fresh in the morning” taste of lemon and orange that rejuvenates your body from within. Apart from recovering your energy levels, this green tea provides a healing effect to your body.

Buy Organic Detoxification Team that “ACTUALLY” Rejuvenates

Containing natural ingredients, Organic Green Qi Tea Detox is a handy booster for your overall health. You get to restore your energy levels with just a few cups of this herbal tea, sipped through the day. Feel assured about a quality-conscious approach where all listed products are 100% natural.

Green Tea*F (66%), dandelion root* (10%), milk thistle* (10%), peppermint leaf*, licorice*, ginger*, fennel seeds*, natural orange flavour* and natural lemon flavour*

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