Qi Teas - Organic Green Tea & Ginger 25 Bag
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  • Qi Teas - Organic Green Tea & Ginger 25 Bag
Qi Teas - Organic Green Tea & Ginger 25 Bag
Qi Teas - Organic Green Tea & Ginger 25 Bag
Organic Green Tea & Ginger 25 Bag
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Ginger is one of the most highly rated Qi Energy herbs. Bearing medicinal properties, this herb is helpful in circulation. A fast and hectic lifestyle brings along all sorts of illness that severely impacts our immunity system. Changing seasons worsen this situation with viral and influenza cold being on a rise. Specially formulated with natural dried ginger root, the Qi Organic Ginger China Green Tea enhances body’s immune system. Naturopaths often quote the importance of ginger as aiding the digestion process. The presence of prized combination of ginger, green tea and fennel is a booster to your immunity system as well as useful winter beverage.

Organic Green Tea & Ginger Concoction

Qi Teas Organic Green Tea not only enhances your immunity system but also works as a useful winter beverage owing to its warm and stimulating energy. The abundance of natural dried ginger and fennel ensures a healthy circulation of blood throughout your body thereby preventing thickening of blood. This Green Tea is a boon for people who are unable to allot time for physical exercises. This blood circulation enhancer also provides a healing effect from inside your body and enables you to get rid of the harmful toxins.

Qi Teas Organic Green Tea & Ginger: Your Immunity Enhancer

Explore from a wide array of 100% genuine herbal products with the promise of all-vegetarian formulas. Each health-boosting product is prepared without chemical additives, made & packaged in an eco-friendly mannerwithout any animal testing.

Green Tea*F (55%), ginger* (39%), fennel seeds*, cardamom seed*, natural ginger flavour*

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