Qi Teas - Organic Green Tea & Ginseng 25 Bag
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  • Qi Teas - Organic Green Tea & Ginseng 25 Bag
Qi Teas - Organic Green Tea & Ginseng 25 Bag
Qi Teas - Organic Green Tea & Ginseng 25 Bag
Organic Green Tea & Ginseng 25 Bag
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The combination of Green Tea and Panax Ginseng serve the role of nutritional supplements. The market is flooded with health supplements that incorporate a chemical composition as part of its ingredients. These supplements if taken without proper consultation form the doctor can prove fatal for one’s life. However ginseng and green tea being natural supplements have minimal side effects with the added advantage of revitalizing the body. The health specialists prefer natural supplements over artificial supplements. The Qi Teas - Organic Green Tea & Ginseng is a natural supplement ideal for people of all ages who seek to address their low-energy level issues.

Organic Green Tea & Ginseng – Natural Supplement to Revitalize Your Body

Qi Teas - Organic Green Tea & Ginseng along with Panax Ginseng and other essential ingredients like hibiscus, cinnamon bark, and cloves enhance this revitalizing beverage. Ginseng and Green tea are associated with improved cardiovascular function .Also green tea can reduce both total and LDL cholesterol while increasing levels of HDL or "good" cholesterol. Reputed for is tonifying properties, the Panax Ginseng strongly invigorates the vital energy of your body and slowly tonifies the deficiency. This natural supplement is an energy booster and enhances your body’s metabolism. The Health Specialists recommend that a combination of Green tea with Ginseng and a half an hour exercise boosts the immunity system and shield the body from fatal dieses.

Buy Authentic Organic Green Tea

You get the undeniable advantage of 100% natural products where the approach is purely herbal. Highest standards of quality and purity of ingredients ensures you get health supplementsfree from any type of animal product(s) or artificial additives.

Green Tea*F (76%)*, Panax ginseng root* (10%), hibiscus*, cinnamon bark*, cloves*, hibiscus extract*

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