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Similar to skin and hair care products, there is a great deal of concern regarding the more common but potentially damaging chemicals that are used in modern cosmetics and dental care. Vitavega Dental & Oral Care products however are 100% natural and vegan friendly – ranging from citrus and Aloe Vera to fennel and propolis.

The use of natural extracts in toothpaste and other dental compositions has been proven to enhance protection of your teeth and gums from plaque and contribute to whitening without the use of bleaching agents. While fluoride is known to help your teeth with the remineralisation process and preventing cavities, the substance may have deeper effects on the rest of your body, with the risk of leading to several health concerns.

However, Vitavega Dental & Oral Care products come in fluoride-free form to protect your teeth and gums from damage, prevent cavities and plaque, and last but not least, contribute to the strengthening and whitening of your teeth.

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