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Your complexion suffers more than you realise. On a daily basis it has to repair itself after enduring contact with so much dirt, particles in the air, and substances you ingest which travel throughout your body and spread to the skin. Therefore, it’s vital you take an extra amount of care when tending to your skin. Thankfully, Vitavega Facial products allow you to help your skin repair faster than it would independently, restoring a state of health that it might not achieve by itself.

All of the Vitavega Facial creams are 100% natural and organic meaning they do not mix any chemicals in their compound, thus preventing side effects and reactions of coming into contact with artificial factors that sometimes occur in some individuals. Our products contain cleansing factors and non-comedogenic formulas that will always stay clear of your pores – making it easier to keep your skin clear without the use of exfoliating products that may end up damaging it instead.

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