Pulsin - Brown Rice Protein Powder
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Pulsin - Brown Rice Protein Powder
Pulsin - Brown Rice Protein Powder
Pulsin - Brown Rice Protein Powder
Product Code: PSN-01-02

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  • Gluten Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan

Boost up the protein levels in your body and enhance the muscle mass growth with the Brown Rice Protein Powder by Pulsin. Available in the pack of 250g, this raw sprouted rice protein is prepared from the superior quality 100% whole grain brown rice through wet milling and all natural proprietary process. It is carefully extracted using patented, raw, low temperature enzymatic process which does not involve the use of any kind of chemical additives.

Brown Rice for Overall Health & Wellness

Most of the people know that brown rice is much healthier than the white rice, but for some reason majority of the consumers choose white rice, which quite evidently is not a healthy alternative. The Brown rice protein powder is known as a readily-digested protein source which is keeps a good balance of essential amino acids within your body. The richness of Selenium, Manganese, Naturally-Occurring Oils and Anti-Oxidants concentrates in improving the your complete wellness.

Pick the Healthier, Vegan Protein Supplement

The Brown Rice Protein Powder is a 100% natural protein powder which is considered as the perfect pick for vegans and vegetarians. It is a must have for those with gluten allergy/intolerance and is a perfect solution for all the athletes and those who are looking forward for effective supplementary diet.

100% brown grain rice

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