Regenovex - Regenovex Gel 40ml
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  • Regenovex - Regenovex Gel 40ml
Regenovex - Regenovex Gel 40ml
Regenovex - Regenovex Gel 40ml
Regenovex Gel 40ml
Product Code: T1L-88875

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Regenovex Regenovex Gel 40ml Regenovex is a unique, technically advanced formulation containing: Marine Bionevex Oil + Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Why do we use Marine Bionovex Oil? Bionovex Oil is a unique patented marine oil derived from Green Lipped Mussels, rich in ETA, an Omega-3 fatty acid which helps to maintain joint health. Why do we use Hyaluronic Acid (HA)? The role of synovial fluid to lubricate and cushion joints as part of normal daily functioning. HA is a key component of synovial fluid and cartilage essential for maintaining healthy joints.

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