Avalon Organics - Rosemary Volume Shampoo 325ml
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  • Avalon Organics - Rosemary Volume Shampoo 325ml
Avalon Organics - Rosemary Volume Shampoo 325ml
Avalon Organics - Rosemary Volume Shampoo 325ml
Rosemary Volume Shampoo 325ml
Product Code: T1L-32696

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Our hair is constantly exposed to environmental stresses that results in damaged and unmanageable hair. More serious symptoms include hair thinning/hair fall. ROSEMARY Volumizing Shampoo offers solution to this problem. Enriched with voluminizing wheat protein, Vitamin E, chamomile, copaiba and rosemary, Rosemary Shampoo builds overall hair health, from root to tip, for a thicker mane. Chamomile Oil present in the shampoo is known for its soothing properties and therefore qualifies as wonderful oil to nourish the hair and scalp—helping you overcome irritation caused by dandruff. Use of hydrolyzed wheat protein helps to retainmoisture, giving hair added body, fullness, and lift. Rosemary Volume Shampoo is a hair strengthening and repairing agent, ideal for dry hair.

Get the Benefits of Herbal Rosemary Shampoo

The gentle plant-derived cleansers along hair nourishing extracts make Rosemary Volume Shampoo an effective hair solution. Rosemary Oil and Vitamin E in the shampoo provide lustre to hair along with the added advantage of protecting hair from heat and UV rays. Rosemary Volume Shampoo coupled with Rosemary Volume Conditioner producesthe best results, relieving you of dry scalp and breakage-prone, unmanageable hair.

Buy Genuine Rosemary Volume Shampoo

We use only 100% naturally resourced products. Our range of products is popular among vegans, vegetarians and those who want to reduce their impact on the environment. Rosemary Volume Shampoo is a result of this organic approach.

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