Seagreens - Culinary Ingredient 200g
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  • Seagreens - Culinary Ingredient 200g
Seagreens - Culinary Ingredient 200g
Seagreens - Culinary Ingredient 200g
Culinary Ingredient 200g
Product Code: T1L-44597

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Seagreens Culinary Ingredient 200g: Gives Food Extra Flavour and Nutritional Benefit Can be added to many different meals and recipes for extra nutritional balance whilst enhancing the flavour of the food. It has a 'mild nutty vegetable' taste and texture and readily mixes with ground herbs and spices. Just spoon into, or sprinkle over, your food. Use it instead of salt: sodium is in ideal natural balance with all the other mineral salts your body needs - to strengthen and support the cardiovascular system.

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