Seagreens - Food Capsules 180 capsule
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  • Seagreens - Food Capsules 180 capsule
Seagreens - Food Capsules 180 capsule
Seagreens - Food Capsules 180 capsule
Food Capsules 180 capsule
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SEAGREENS Food Capsules 180caps These Human Food SeaweedTM products provide the synergy of three closely related species of Seagreens organic wild wrack seaweeds - Ascophyllum, Pelvetia, and Fucus. These are micronised and mixed to provide a convenient, uniquely complete and balanced dietary foundation for all ages in everyday use. Seagreens have a more balanced and complete nutritional profile than fresh water algæ (spirulina, chlorella and blue-green algæ) and other seaweeds, whilst common kelp has too much iodine for long term daily use. Improve digestion and nutritional balance.Regulate energy, weight and metabolism.Daily detox and achieve a clean system.Strengthen immunity, resistance and recovery.Protect blood pressure and healthy cell function.Maintain alkaline/acid and hormonal balance.

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