Impression - Sleepy Oil 10ml
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Impression - Sleepy Oil 10ml
Impression - Sleepy Oil 10ml
Sleepy Oil 10ml
Product Code: HLTPLS-80

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Our naturally-prepared Sleepy Oil 10ml combines the restful and balancing properties of Lavender, Pine Needle and Marjoram essential oils. This calming blend of individual oils with known soothing properties has a sweet, floral fragrance that calms the mind and soothes the senses. The subtle blend of aroma of our Sleepy Oil available in a 10ml bottle proves to be a potent source of promoting restful sleep and relaxing the whole body. Use this oil to create a sense of well-being and relaxation.

Get Rid Of Irregular Sleep Patterns!

Sleepy Oil 10ml has proved to be helpful in combating insomnia by balancing sleep patterns. Enriched with Lavender, this composition has a calming, clearing yet strengthening effect. Work related stress and everyday worries combined with hectic schedules often take a toll on our sleeping patterns. Many people these days experience disturbed slumber and even insomnia due to anxiety and mental pressure. Naturally-formulated Sleepy Oil can prove to be an effective aid in dealing with such situations as it helps ease worries by calming the mind. Use Sleepy Essential Oil blend in an oil burner to create a rejuvenating, pleasant atmosphere at your place. For extra deep relaxation,this oil can be used as a massage oil, ensuring a more restful slumber.

Lavender, pine needle, marjoram

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