Heath & Heather - Slim Mate 20 Bag
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Heath & Heather - Slim Mate 20 Bag
Heath & Heather - Slim Mate 20 Bag
Slim Mate 20 Bag
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If you've been in search of natural supplements and weight-loss formulas to get rid of some extra pounds, the Slim Mate 20 Bag is the best choice for you. The caffeine-free formula of this tea has acted as a simple yet effective supplement for losing excess weight. It boosts metabolism and improve digestion, thus making the entire weight loss process as natural and simple as possible.

Composed of Premium Quality Organic Ingredients

Slim Tea contains the finest quality hand-picked green tea leaves which help relax and calm the nerves, thus making it especially effective in lowering the level of stress and anxiety after a meal. It allows the body to relax after meals thus improving digestion and speeding up the rate of metabolism.

Reduces Weight and Free from Any Side Effects

Slim Tea provides its own dietary plan that helps improve the chances of weight loss thus reducing the possibilities of constipation and poorly-functioning metabolism. Since it does not contain any sugar, artificial ingredients, or even laxatives, the Slim Mate 20 Bag will be highly beneficial for your health.

Rooibos 23%, mate 20%, blackberry leaves, orange peel, spearmint, fennel 5%, lemon balm leaves, lemongrass, cinnamon, natural orange flavouring, guarana seed.

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