Creative Nature - Spirulina Powder 150g
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  • Creative Nature - Spirulina Powder 150g
Creative Nature - Spirulina Powder 150g
Creative Nature - Spirulina Powder 150g
Spirulina Powder 150g
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Spirulina Powder is obtained from blue green algae. This powder is extremely useful in promoting overall wellness, making Spirulina Powder 150g a dependable health supplement. Aiding in weight loss, the Spirulina Powder significantly regulates blood sugar levels in the body and fights allergies. High in beta carotene, the powder also helps in maintaining good eye health and healthy skin.

Boost Your Immunity with Spirulina Powder

High in chlorophyll, the Spirulina Powder effectively eliminates harmful toxins from the blood. Boosting immunity, the Spirulina Powder helps in fighting diseases and reduces the chances of catching infections. The powder also contains B-2 (riboflavin), B-3(nicotinamide), Vitamin A, B-9 (folic acid), Vitamin C, B-6 (pyridoxine), Vitamin D, Vitamins B-1(thiamine), Vitamin E, and other pigments which are bio available.

Features 100% Natural Spirulina Powder:

  • Prevents oxidative damage
  • Helps in reducing risk of heart disease
  • Assists in reducing blood pressure
  • Supports in treating allergic rhinitis
  • Improves muscle strength
  • Eases symptoms of PMS
  • Aids in digestion

Buy 100% Genuine Spirulina Supplement

Maintain a healthy immune system with Spirulina Powder 150g. Vitavega brings to you Spirulina Powder that has been sourced naturally and its effectiveness has not been compromised by addition of chemical or synthetic additives. Offering an organic composition, this powder is gluten-free and are 100% vegetarian.

100% organic Spirulina

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