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Health Plus - Turmeric Plus 30VCaps
Health Plus - Turmeric Plus 30VCaps
Turmeric Plus 30VCaps
Product Code: HLTPLS-56

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  • Gluten Free
  • Wheat Free
  • Yeast Free
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Health Plus Turmeric Plus 30VCaps are a combination of key herbs and spices, formulated to provide you invaluable assistance in maintaining joint and digestive health. These capsules are high in curcumin to help prevent the symptoms of IBS and act as a natural soother. Turmeric Plus 30VCaps contain 10,000 mg turmeric combined with warming ginger root, bromelain and black pepper to enhance absorption and bioavailability. These active ingredients make the VCaps a highly effective supplement to deliver the nutrients that are crucial for maintaining optimum health of your joints.

Health Packed Capsules for Digestive System

The important thing to know regarding digestive health is that it is not only about the nutrients we intake but also how well these are absorbed by the body. When the food we eat is not properly absorbed it can lead to symptoms of nutritional deficiency. So, in order to maintain a clean and healthy digestive system absorption of nutrients is very crucial. Our specially composed Health Plus Turmeric Plus 30VCaps aid in absorption in a simple and convenient manner without altering your everyday lifestyle. We bring to you health supplements that are all-natural, unharmed by artificial additives and Turmeric Plus 30VCaps are one of our highly sought after products.

Active ingredients per capsule:

Turmeric 50:1 Extract200mg

equivalent to:


which provides:


Turmeric Root Powder50mg


Black Pepper Extract5.5mg

which provides:

95% Piperine5mg

Ginger Root 20:1 Extract5mg

equivalent to:

Ginger Root (naturally containing Gingerol)100mg

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