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Minerals are just as important to a normally-functioning body as vitamins are, if not more. Adding Vitavega minerals to your usual lifestyle can improve the very way you feel each day as well as work towards the benefit of the less tangible aspects of your body.

The most important minerals to human nutrition are potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, iodine, sodium, selenium and last but not least – water. In order for your body to function to its full potential, minerals are an absolute must. Each mineral enhances certain aspects of your system’s functions; for example while an iron deficiency usually makes for an anaemic body, calcium strengthens the bones and enables proper muscle activity. Potassium is in charge of a normal activity flow of the nerves and selenium enables the thyroid function.

While all of the above can be found in the usual foods we consume every day, sometimes the body either is unable to process it all into the system or does not receive a sufficient amount of each. With Vitavega mineral capsule supplements you can eliminate any kind of risk of deficiency or target specific functions of your body with the dedicated products.

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