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Potassium is another mineral that isn’t too common in your day-to-day diet. It can be found in bananas, avocados and coconuts, as well as some types of nuts and citrus fruits, salmon, whole milk and chicken. When your daily diet does not include these types of foods, our Vitavega Potassium formula can be introduced to make up for the missing amounts.

It’s important to maintain a healthy level of potassium within your body because of the extensive list of benefits. Firstly, it acts as an electrolyte for the chemicals in your body, making for a good blood pressure, maintaining a normal level for the brain activity, as well as enhancing cognitive functions and muscular strength.

Potassium deficiency – also known as hypokalaemia – is normally an effect of dehydration but can occur due to diet in rare cases. It is not the type of deficiency that comes with strong symptoms but a degree of low blood pressure, weariness, tingling and numbness, abdominal bloating and constipation are just some of the more noticeable signs. In order to prevent these ulterior problems, a capsule of Vitavega Potassium supplement a day can fill in for the missing amounts of potassium in your body.

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