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Vitavega Selenium Supplements

Selenium is a mineral that has only started drawing the attention of doctors and nutritionists rather recently. Its antioxidant properties provide protection from damage to cells and it is also known to have a strongly tangible effect on a healthy metabolism. The body doesn’t require vast amounts of this healthy complement, our Vitavega Selenium supplements offer just enough support for your system to function well.

Selenium deficiency is not that common throughout healthy individuals – it is normally accompanied by symptoms such as hypothyroidism – fatigue, goitre and even cretinism. However, people with certain conditions such as Crohn’s disease and HIV may require an extra dosage of selenium.

In order to maintain your normal weight and ensure that your body is capable of processing the foods of your choice, a daily dose of Vitavega Selenium Supplements can provide the quantity needed when your diet does not include its most common sources: wheat, garlic, grains, various nuts, liver, kidney, shellfish or both fresh-water and salt-water fish.

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