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Cough & Cold Supplements

Although a vegan diet will boost your immune system and metabolism, you are still exposed to viruses and bacteria. No matter how healthy your lifestyle is, you probably still contract common colds and flus from time to time. New forms of these viruses develop all the time, and our bodies don’t know how to fight them right away.

The only difference, perhaps, lies in how strongly and quickly your organism reacts, and how much the symptoms affect you. In most cases, a vegan or vegetarian diet will make you stronger against a common cold.

But what happens when you do catch a cold, or the flu?

Certain medicines contain animal products. Given your choice to be a vegan or vegetarian, whether it’s for ethical purposes, health reasons or the desire to live an environmentally-aware lifestyle, you may want to be careful about the medicinal treatments you use. The cough and cold supplements we offer, just like all of our products, are produced specifically with your needs in mind. They help your body go through rougher periods, alleviating cold symptoms and helping your organism fight it off.

Try one of the 100% vegetarian, natural and organic supplements with extracts of Echinacea, Lemon, or Honeysuckle

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