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Vitamin C

Vitavega Vitamin C Supplements

Purely essential to everyone, the Vitavega Vitamin C is a nutrient that helps the human body in a multitude of aspects. The most important ones are boosting the activity of the immune system, protection against cardiovascular disease and even augmentation of the body's ability to heal wounds and repair bones.

Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C is usually found in most fruits and vegetables – especially citrus fruits. It’s also widely known as your go-to remedy to the common cold; while it does not directly help in treating colds, it prevents complications and gives your body the fuel to combat the colds by itself. In addition, vitamin C is known to have a strongly beneficial effect on hair, skin and nails by warding off signs of aging. Last but not least, a sufficient amount of vitamin C consumed on a daily basis will keep you energized.

All of our Vitavega Vitamin C supplements can be found below in both single vitamin form, as well as in other formulas.

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