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Vitamin D

Vitavega Vitamin D Supplements

Due to very select and low numbers of sources of vitamin D, many people find themselves having to fight a potential deficiency. The more dangerous implications of lacking normal levels of vitamin D within the system are a poor absorption of beneficial minerals such as calcium. A vitamin D deficiency may cause other derived effects such as bone softening, type 1 diabetes and bone pains.

The more commonly known foods you can draw vitamin D from are milk and some dairy products, beef liver, egg yolks as well as fatty fish such as tuna or salmon. Despite the fact that the body is able to produce vitamin D endogenously when in contact with the ultraviolet rays from sunlight, your particular lifestyle and diet may not support the creation and intake of sufficient amounts of this vital vitamin.

Our Vitavega Vitamin D supplements will allow you to top up your daily intake of this nutrient if you find yourself in need of a little helping hand.

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