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Vitamin E

Vitavega Vitamin E Supplements

Also known as tocopherol, vitamin E is the one health product that tends to get overlooked so many times. Relatively rare and difficult to find in foods, it can normally be extracted from different types of vegetable oils, spinach, beet greens, pumpkin, mango, various types of seeds and nuts and swordfish.

Considering that the main role of this compound derives from its antioxidant properties, the benefits of Vitavega Vitamin E are clear to see. Taken daily and there can be a considerable boost in immunity levels, a reduction of cholesterol levels and a healthy degree of blood thinning – making you less susceptible to heart and artery disease or blood clots in your body. In addition, one of the most commonly known benefits of vitamin E is for skin and hair care – it promotes the strengthening of capillary walls and can protect you from sunburn when absorbed through the skin.

By opting for the Vitavega Vitamin E supplements you can get yourself an extra boost of protection against various ailments that tend to materialise later on in life, and give your hair and skin a healthy look.

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