Impression - Ylang ylang Oil 10ml
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  • Impression - Ylang ylang Oil 10ml
Impression - Ylang ylang Oil 10ml
Impression - Ylang ylang Oil 10ml
Ylang ylang Oil 10ml
Product Code: HLTPLS-77

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Uplift your spirit with this exotic and sweet Ylang Ylang Oil available in a 10ml bottle with us. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil has a floral and slightly spicy aroma that refreshes the mind and soothes the body. Ylang Ylang encourages healthy, shiny hair and is ideal for both, oily and dry skin. This naturally-formulated preparation assists in maintaining healthy blood pressure and ensures proper blood circulation in the body. Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil is extracted from Cananga odorata which is a tall tropical tree. It can help to avoid both, sepsis and tetanus by inhibiting microbial growth and disinfecting the wounds, thus acting as a potential antiseptic.

Ylang Ylang Oil 10 ml for Skin and Hair Care!

Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil can be beneficial in curing skin inflammations, reducing skin irritation and redness by regularizing sebum production. This oil sedates or calms nervous afflictions while inducing a relaxed feeling. This natural essential oil also qualifies as a great hair care product that helps you maintain soft, shiny and luscious hair.

Soothe Your Senses With This Aromatic Wonder!

Ylang Ylang Oil is believed to be an aphrodisiac, thus enabling a delightful sensual experience. The soothing and deeply relaxing properties of this aromatic oil promote a sense of self confidence to uplift the mood. Use Ylang Ylang essential oil in an oil burner or in massage oils to encourage romance and relax the body as well as the mind. Many people treat this oil as an antidepressant as it fights depression and drives away anxiety, sadness, and chronic stress. Our Ylang Ylang Oil 10ml is an all-natural composition, free from all types of fillers, additives, bases or carriers.


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